About Concept

In 1975, we began an amazing journey and started Concept Enterprises, Inc. We wanted to create the ultimate entertainment experience for car owners, and Coustic was born to that vision. That name defined car electronics, and shaped an industry.

We had bigger and better things in mind, however. When Coustic was sold to Mitek Corp. in 1999, Concept was born. Like its predecessor, Concept has redefined an industry. Driven by the same desire and vision since 1975, Concept has leveraged its engineering expertise in electronic products and created a complete line of solar lighting systems for the home and garden. The rest, as they say, is history.

The year 2012 marks the 36th anniversary of Concept Enterprises Inc. The company has achieved tremendous success with the launch of Coustic, Roadview, and Concept, along with numerous innovation awards, patents, and other engineering accolades. But the real success will come in the decades to follow…

Thirty five years is just the beginning.